I'm a student at Tallinn University and I study IT.
I've chosen to mainly specialize my studies in software development, with digital media
as a side-specialization.
My main interests lie in web development, web design,
3D modeling and digital art.


Creating web solutions with all the necessary back end and front end components.
User interface designing and creating mockups
Vectorgraphics - designing logos etc.
CSS/JS animation.


Estonian - native language
English - well spoken and written
Russian - slightly
Japanese - very basic

I code in

PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, SQL, Java, C#

Framesets I know and use

JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, .NET

Programs I work with

Photoshop, Blender, Solid Edge, CorelDraw, Audacity, Adobe Premiere

  • Riot Games API Challenge 2.0

    ehco/BMB | Runner-up Winner

  • javascript app

    ehco/kombat - something for HIIT

  • epood

    e-commerce - back end & front end

  • ajax


    /ajax - Infinite scrolling.

  • android_app


    Stopwatch, timer

  • angularjs_foorum


    /Kogemusteabe - Done with AngularJS

  • Design

    AK-47 texture

  • vi fanart

    Digital art

    Sometimes I draw

  • Abstract

    A Blender render

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