Game data of 3 servers was used to create this site.
The thematic of "regions" carries on to the Champions page as well.
The servers used were: Europe West (EUW), Europe North-East (EUNE) and North America (NA).

A total 30 000 games were processed to find each regions:

One can see the "flavors" and differences of each server for the categories. Like the high Diana popularity in EUNE, compared to the more "standard" Kench/MF in the other regions.


The Champions page contains all the current Champions (patch 5.16).
Selecting a Champion will show his/her statistics for all 3 regions.

Each Champions most popular items will also be displayed for each region, helping to show, if Black Market items were popular on a Champion, or if there were any great deviations across the servers.

Trinket data is not included as 70%+ times people just didn't upgrade the base trinket and the Author does not want to give people silly ideas.


This site was created as part of the API 2.0 Challenge created by Riot Games. The Author doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games. All images used are property of Riot Games.